A New Look for Capstone’s M&A U™

Today we are announcing a new logo for M&A U™, Capstone’s executive education resource. You’ll see the new logo on the M&A U™ website and on M&A U™ resources.

The new logo reflects our commitment to helping executives like you learn how to grow through strategic mergers and acquisitions. M&A U™ is a central resource where you can learn how to grow your company faster by applying proven methodologies that have been tested and proven in multiple real-world transactions.

Since we launched M&A U™ last year, we have continued to educate hundreds of business leaders through our webinars, videocasts, reports, whitepapers, tools and, of course, through the Successful Acquisitions blog. We hope you enjoy the new M&A U™ logo and continue and building your expertise in strategic M&A and company growth.