Credit Unions, Analytics, and Innovation – Insights from AXFI

Last week John Dearing, Capstone’s Managing Director, attended the 2018 Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) Conference in Minneapolis. Here are few of John’s observations from AXFI:

  • Data used the right way for decision-making and segmenting can help an organization be more successful, especially when it is marketing to and trying to retain members
  • There is a growing community in the credit union space who believe in change and they are beginning to reap the benefits of analytics
  • AXFI is a great triangle of connections of CUSO friends, credit union leaders who seek answers, and up and coming players with unique offerings seeking or doing partnerships with CUSOs and credit unions.

In between these observations and listening to exciting talks analytics and innovation for credit unions, John sat down with Mike Lawson of CUbroadcast to chat about how credit unions can enhance their power and profitability for greater relevancy in the marketplace through member segmentation.

Check out the interview below.

John Dearing Capstone AFXI Interview with CUBroadcast