How Strategic Partnerships Can Help Credit Unions Attract and Retain Millennial and Gen Z Members

Strategic partnerships can help credit unions attract and retain members — Millennials and Gen Z groups in particular. And, in our current situation with COVID-19, these partners are probably more important then ever.

John Dearing, Managing Director & Partner at Capstone, discusses this important topic with Mike Lawson of CUbroadcast. In this episode, John and Mike also discuss how COVID-19 compares to past crises and how credit unions are managing and maintaining during these tough times. He also shares advice to help credit unions get through these turbulent times. Watch now!

Some Takeaways:

  1. Credit unions are grappling with increased customer service calls and less people to handle them. Technology has been key in reducing call times.
  2. Credit union leaders are taking care of their employees – taking the captain’s role and steering the ship through these stormy times.
  3. There is a massive opportunity in 2020 for credit union leaders to get the message out, that their institutions are here to stay. As an example, it is a great time to help with financial literacy and financial wellness.
  4. Credit unions are fundamentally built to help communities get through such difficult times.