Capstone Presents at the Annual Strategic Lending Conference

Capstone Managing Director John Dearing spoke at CU Conference’s Annual Strategic Lending Conference held in Lake Tahoe on July 26-29, 2018.

John presented two exciting sessions: How to Make Educated Decisions to Solve Your Lending Challenges and Focus First: A Proven Process for Evaluating and Prioritizing Options.

In the first session, leaders learned how to overcome challenges such as the growing cost of compliance and threats from up-and-coming fintechs in order to seize opportunity in today’s lending environment. John demonstrated how to use a proven, effective process for decision-making and shared practical tools for turning critical thinking into action.

In the second session, John shared tips for visualizing goals and saying “no” to bad opportunities in order to focus on the right strategy for growth. Leaders walked away empowered to focus on the opportunities that matter the most for their credit unions and their members.

The Annual Strategic Lending Conference brings together credit union leaders for an informative conference to help strengthen their organizations’ lending portfolios. Check out a snapshot from this impactful conference below.

CU Conference's Annual Strategic Lending Conference

CU Conference’s Annual Strategic Lending Conference