Grow Your Credit Union with More Effective Decision-Making Techniques

Are you weighed down by stress from problems you just can’t seem to crack? As leaders, every day we are faced with new challenges that keep us up at night, fortunately it doesn’t have to be this way.

One of the most important components of effective decision-making is accurate data, which in today’s information age can be difficult to ascertain. Capstone Managing Director John Dearing recently addressed this point in a webinar with Northwest Credit Union Association’s Strategic Link.

In the webinar, John stressed the importance of conducting primary research in addition to secondary research to sift through the clutter and gain a complete picture. Secondary research such as reports, publications, and online information is helpful, but primary research is where you can capture deep insights, fill in the gaps from secondary research, and access specific data points you need to make a decision. Primary research involves speaking directly with key industry players, members, partners, and suppliers at all levels of an organization.

Although conducting primary research takes longer than secondary research, the investment is worthwhile. Databases and reports can be dated and may not answer all your questions. Dynamic conversations with people in real-time provide hard-to-access information and behind-the-scenes observations. Gain a deeper understanding with primary research so you can guide your credit union forward with confidence.

Photo credit: The Tire Zoo via Flickr CC BY 2.0