The Inside Scoop on Mergers & Acquisitions – David Braun on the High Level Wisdom Podcast

I recently the opportunity to speak about my experience as a CEO and company founder on the High Level Wisdom Podcast with Chris Williams. During our conversation, we discussed how companies can grow through strategic mergers and acquisitions and as well as tips for success for leaders.

Listen to my interview on the High Level Wisdom Podcast to hear about:

  • How I discovered my passion for strategic deal-making
  • Why I established Capstone
  • What Capstone “The Growth Engineers” is all about
  • Growth vs. size
  • How to start thinking about your company’s future growth
  • What goes through the minds of owners and CEOs when they sell or buy a company?
  • The shift from traditional businesses to newer business models
  • The different levels of patience between baby boomer CEOs and millennial CEOs
  • The effect of disruptive technologies and sigmoid curves