Strategic Growth and M&A: 3 Key Takeaways from PPS 2018

Last week Capstone Managing Director, John Dearing, spoke at the Private Practice Section (PPS) 2018 Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Strategic Growth: Big Data, Cash Cows, and Mangy Dogs.” John was joined by co-presenters Steve Stalzer and Emily Bagby of 8150 Advisors. 

The presentation covered how physical therapy practice owners can grow their organizations long-term by establishing a firm foundation and exploring multiple growth pathways including strategic mergers and acquisitions. Below are three key highlights for physical therapy practice owners. 

  1. Do you know your customer acquisition cost? – Part of building your strong foundation for your physical therapy practice is understanding this concept. It is important to assess the slices of your marketing spend to determine where to focus for increased ROI. 
  1. Physician liaison program – A solid physician relationship and referral program is a key method to successful expansion and a way to increase your practice value. 
  1. Growth through acquisition – As the physical therapy industry sees more M&A activity, particularly from private equity buyers moving into the sector, this was a timely topic. More than a third of the participants in this session had sought acquisitions or were proactively thinking about doing so. During the presentation, John highlighted additional deal structures for acquirers including minority investment and joint ventures to foster growth. 

PPS is the premier event designed for physical therapy business management and drew more than 1,200 attendees from all over the country. Below are a few snapshots from the conference.