Capstone Guides Acquisition of VDI by Japan’s Lintec USA

Capstone Strategic announced today that Lintec USA Holding, Inc. has acquired VDI, LLC (DBA Vacuum Depositing). The acquisition brings together complementary technology and broad research and development capabilities that will allow for expansion in the industrial films market.

Capstone Strategic, Inc. (Capstone) announced today that Lintec USA Holding, Inc. (Lintec USA) has acquired VDI, LLC (VDI). Lintec USA will leverage VDI’s capabilities with its current assets to bolster its marketplace position. Capstone advised the acquirer on this transaction.

Lintec USA is a global leader in manufacturing and selling highly engineered, multilayer films for energy, automotive, safety, security, and architectural applications and the owner of Madico, Inc. (Madico), which manufactures window and specialty films. Lintec USA and Madico are owned by Lintec Corporation (Lintec), a publicly-held company traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Founded in 1971, VDI is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and is a custom roll-to-roll metallizer of evaporative, sputtered and dielectric coatings.

The acquisition will allow Lintec USA to accelerate its growth and strengthen its position in the industrial market by adding a complementary sputtering capability and a spectrally select product line. Lintec USA will also apply Lintec’s research and development, marketing, and distribution strengths to further expand VDI’s capabilities. The transaction is expected to benefit all parties as a result of leveraging VDI’s metalizing capability with parent company Lintec’s metalizing products.

Using our proprietary process, the Roadmap to Acquisitions, Capstone served as a third party M&A advisor and facilitated the acquisition between Lintec USA and VDI. Capstone guided Lintec USA through the process from initial strategy development to prospect identification and negotiations to papering and executing the deal.

“Throughout the acquisition process, the Capstone team was instrumental as our guide, sounding board, and stabilizing force as negotiations proceeded. We jointly developed our proactive growth through acquisition program and then Capstone approached owners and assisted as we prioritized candidates and resources. We leveraged Capstone’s focus and experience in the privately-held, not-for-sale acquisition world as we worked through the journey and ultimately attained our objective. I’m confident that the deal would not have been completed without their insight and involvement,” noted Paul Moynihan, CFO of Madico.

“Throughout every step of the process, Capstone worked diligently to address key challenges, and, most importantly, actively listened to uncover important issues on both sides. They certainly helped forge a positive relationship between our organizations and I’m excited about our opportunities to grow together in the future,” commented David Bryant, Owner and President of VDI.

“The team stayed true to the strategic external growth objectives established, and as a result of the acquisition, Lintec and Madico will glean benefits that will help them expand for years to come,” said Capstone Managing Director John Dearing.

Capstone Guides Acquisition of VDI by Japan's Lintec USA

About Capstone

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About Lintec USA and Madico

Lintec USA Holding, Inc. (Lintec USA) is a subsidiary of Lintec Corporation (Lintec), a publicly-held company traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and a recognized technical leader in adhesive chemistries. Madico, Inc. (Madico), is owned by Lintec USA and is a global leader in the coating, laminating, and converting of flexible films in wide width, roll-to-roll format. Its products are multilayered, engineered films primarily targeting applications in Window Films and Specialty Films. For more information visit

About VDI, LLC.

Founded in 1971, VDI, LLC (VDI) is a custom roll-to-roll metallizer of evaporative, sputtered and dielectric coatings. Its primary business and production site is in Louisville Kentucky. The company is respected throughout the industry as a leader in both quality, innovation and customer service.