Due Diligence and Integration – From Research to Action

Due diligence and integration fit hand in glove. Simply put, due diligence is the research and integration is the action.

For example, due diligence and integration work hand-in-hand when you address benefits, such as  healthcare, vacation, tuition reimbursement, paid time off, subsidized cafeteria plans and other perks. Deciding what to do with them is one of the most common issues businesses face during this process.

First compare your benefits with the target’s. Ask yourself, “What do they have vs. what do we have? What are the similarities and differences?”

After you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to create an integration plan, although deciding what to do with the information you’ve gathered during due diligence can be the most difficult part. No matter what you do, you will face some pushback because people do not like change.

You may find it crazy, but frequently when we provided a better healthcare package in the course of integration, people complained simply because it was a change.

When you reach the stage of integration, information gathered during due diligence pays off. You’ll be able to navigate any hot-button issues, communicate with understanding and be prepared to face any resistance to changes as you meld the two entities under a single ownership.