What Every Manager Needs to Know About M&A – AMA Edgewise Podcast

Hollywood would have us believe that the bulk of M&A transactions are a ruse to split of up newly acquired firms, but the reality is most deals average $100 million in size and are not nearly as dramatic as the movies.

In today’s environment, where the world is changing quickly, and customers are seeking additional services, capabilities and technologies, acquisition can be a tool for many companies regardless of size to keep up with customer demand in order to grow.

I recently had the opportunity to speak about strategic M&A with Dave Summers, the host of the American Management Association’s Edgewise Podcast. In this episode we demystify mergers and acquisitions and explain how you can use acquisitions as a tool for growing your company.

Listen now to find out what you need to know about M&A.

Photo Credit: Kevin Jarrett via Flickr cc