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Credit Union Trends: Non-Interest Income Infographic

Non-interest income is a hot topic in the credit union industry. Check out Capstone’s infographic on non-interest income below. Click on the image for a closer look.   How can you generate more non-interest income? Many credit unions and CUSOs are turning to external growth and mergers and acquisitions to generate more non-interest income. Find …

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Growth Strategies for Credit Unions

I was invited to write an op-ed for the Credit Union Times for their focus report on growth strategies.  While there are a variety of options to consider when exploring implementing new products and services to grow, credit unions can only grow by meeting the needs of future members. I offer five ways to pursue growth …

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Credit Union Times: CUSO Consolidation Should Begin With Benefits

Every company is for sale, for the right equation. This maxim applies to companies in any industry, including credit unions and CUSOs.  In “CUSO Consolidation Should Begin With Benefits” the Credit Union Times reports insights from Capstone’s webinar with NACUSO  presented by Managing Director John Dearing. Read the entire article here: “CUSO Consolidation Should Begin With Benefits.” …

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M&A in the CUSO World: A Proactive, Strategic Approach to Growth

How can you quickly grow a CUSO? Consider acquisition. Acquisition or external growth is a powerful tool for any organization – regardless of industry. Often, acquisition is one of the quickest and most effective ways to grow. As CUSOs grow so do opportunities for business mergers and acquisitions. Yesterday, Capstone Managing Director John Dearing presented …

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