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Structure – The Final Variable in Your Selling Equation

Structure – The Final Variable in Your Selling Equation By Brian Goodhart The final component of Your Selling Equation is Structure. The very word gives me the chills as structure is such a big topic and covers so many potential areas. I often hesitate to treat it as a singular component because it’s just not. …

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Timing – The Third Variable in Your Selling Equation

Timing – The Third Variable in Your Selling Equation By Brian Goodhart Timing, as they say, is everything. Well not exactly everything, but it is very important. And it is yet another deeply personal factor that comes into play whenever deals are contemplated. In my last post I discussed Involvement and how each business owner …

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Value – The First Variable in Your Selling Equation

Value – The First Variable in Your Selling Equation By Brian Goodhart Value is the first variable in your selling equation and for good reason – it is the one talked about the most and the metric by which most people determine the success or failure of a deal. In order to adequately discuss value, …

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How to Align Your Workforce for Success

Capstone Founder and CEO David Braun shares his advice and experience for successfully bringing construction industry workforces together. Across the construction industry, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals have grown over the past two years. In 2021, deal volume grew by 14% over 2020 translating into deal values from $354 billion to $505 billion. Deal values …

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Manufacturing Growth Through Acquisition: What to Know and What to Ask

In the current issue of Supply Chain Management Review, Capstone CEO David Braun offers both advice, and some vital questions to answer for those manufacturing and supply chain companies who may be considering growth through acquisition. https://www.scmr.com/article/manufacturing_growth_through_acquisition_what_to_know_and_what_to_ask

SPACs – What are they and why do they matter?

“SPAC, SPAC, SPAC!” is what many business podcasts, newspapers and news outlets have been repeating to everyone listening. “Special Purpose Acquisition Companies” aka“SPACs”, have garnered the attention of many as they continuously break funding and deal volume records. SPACs, also referred to as “blank check companies,” have been around for decades and are formed to …

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Four Reasons Why You Should Hire an M&A Advisor

Should you hire an advisor for mergers and acquisitions? Some companies execute acquisitions on their own and are successful. In fact, there are entire corporate development divisions whose primary focus is to pursue external growth initiatives for the company. On the other hand, many companies do engage an M&A advisor to guide them through the …

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4 Tips for Taking a Strategic Approach to M&A in 2021

Acquisition can be a powerful tool for accelerating your company’s growth. 2021 may be the year you build on your capabilities, add new services or products, or enter new markets. However, it is important not to get swept away in excitement of a potential deal and remain strategic in your thinking. As you consider growing …

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Capstone Strategic Guides ITA International on Acquisition of Innovative Decisions

(Capstone) announced that ITA International (ITA), a Newport News based federal contractor and professional services company, has acquired Innovative Decisions Inc. (IDI), now Innovative Decisions International, a wholly owned subsidiary of ITA. IDI is a management consulting firm specializing in decision and risk analysis, operations research and systems engineering for business and government customers. Capstone …

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Top 4 Considerations for M&A Due Diligence in the age of COVID-19

Due Diligence has always been a daunting task even for the best deal makers. With travel restrictions and closed borders, due diligence procedures for both the buyers and sellers have drastically changed.  Here are four considerations for Due Diligence in the age of COVID-19: Leverage Virtual Tools – Due Diligence processes are sensitive and must …

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