Maximizing Your Resources with Privately Held, Not-for-Sale Acquisitions

Sprint has dropped its bid to acquire T-Mobile due to regulatory pressure. Large, public transactions must be reported and should be regulated by law, of course, but this is an unfortunate setback for Sprint. After investing resources putting together the deal and lobbying for months, the company must walk away from it because of external factors.

We want our clients to decide whether to go through with a deal rather than reacting to a decision made for them. This is one of the advantages of privately held, not-for-sale transactions.

When pursuing privately held, not-for-sale transactions, you can maximize the effectiveness of your resources – both time and money – because you face less regulatory red tape and you can avoid the auction process. Once you find the right prospect who shares your vision for the future of the company, momentum and excitement will help close the deal.

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart via Flickr cc