The Role of Corporate Secretaries in Mergers & Acquisitions

Capstone Managing Director John Dearing spoke at the Society of Corporate Secretaries Governance Professionals‘ Middle Atlantic Chapter Spring Conference on May 28. He participated in the Corporate Secretary’s Roundtable and shared advice for corporate secretaries during M&A.

Corporate secretaries play an important role which often extends beyond administrative duties to implementing decisions of the board of directors, advising company directors, and liaising with auditors, lawyers, tax advisor, bankers, and other advisors. By working closely with the board of directors, corporate secretaries can use their unique position to affect positive change in the company.

Some of John’s comments from the roundtable:

  • In M&A, corporate secretaries can leverage knowledge of how the board makes decisions and how individual board members operate in order to maintain deal momentum and facilitate clear communication throughout the M&A process.
  • When developing board packages for deals, utilize FAQs to complement traditional communication protocols.
  • Board composition should match strategic growth plans. For example, if you want to attract a diverse market of millennials, avoid a board comprising only 65-year-old men!

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