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Fujifilm to Use Acquisitions to Grow Beyond Shrinking Film Market

Can you remember the last time you had film developed? My guess is that it’s been a long time for most of you. Digital cameras, first introduced in the 1980s, have surpassed traditional film cameras in popularity. Kodak, once the dominant player in photography, failed to transition from analog to digital and went bankrupt in …

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How to Explore Adjacencies

Ikea has purchased a forest in order to have better control over their supply chain. Simply put, this move is backward integration – moving “back” or further up the supply chain, closer to raw materials and farther from end customers. It’s an interesting strategy from both the supply chain and cost perspective and also from …

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Why Explore Adjacent Markets?

When thinking about the best market for acquisition, many tend to focus on the market (or markets) in which they already operate. People feel very confident about what they know, for good reason– experience, past success, existing relationships, etc., but sometimes focusing on only one market means your perspective is myopic. There is little harm, …

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