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Developing a New Product or Service? Consider Acquisition

96 percent of businesses fail within 10 years. 80 percent of consumer products fail annually. Statistically, it’s obvious that launching a new product or service is challenging. Entrepreneurs pour their lives into starting their companies and while some of the lucky ones become the next Facebook, most struggle to succeed. Even large established corporations face …

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Getting from A to B – Harness Your Ideas to Grow Your Company

Entrepreneurs rarely face the challenge of having too few ideas. In fact, like most entrepreneurs and business leaders you probably have a multitude of great ideas for growing your own business. Your biggest challenge may be figuring out which of all the alternatives is the best way to get from where you are now to …

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Building a Lasting Legacy

I had the opportunity to speak on building a lasting legacy in the September issue of Washington DC SmartCEO Magazine. The article focuses on how business owners and entrepreneurs can build a lasting legacy for their company. As I said during my interview, Capstone is not just about me, it’s so much bigger than that. …

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