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The Results of “Brexit”– How Business Leaders Should React

On June 23 the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (E.U.). Many were shocked at the outcome of “Brexit” and the markets reacted badly. The day following the vote, the pound dropped down to the lowest level against the dollar since 1985, stocks in the U.K. and U.S. fell, and on June 27 …

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Capstone Speaks on Global Economy Panel Hosted by Bucknell University

Capstone Managing Director, John Dearing, participated in a panel discussion focused on the global economy and jobs. The panel discussion, entitled “Where’s the Global Economy Taking the Jobs?”, was hosted by the Bucknell Career Development Center and the Bucknell Club of Washington DC and moderated by Professor Berhanu Nega of the Economics Department. John and …

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How Businesses Can Prepare for the Future During the Shutdown

As the U.S. government shutdown continues into its second week, business leaders are becoming more concerned with its effect on the economy. The Wall Street Journal reports limited signs of economic damage, but that a prolonged shutdown may cause more widespread damage. According to economists, a long shutdown risks “restraining key parts of the economy …

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