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Will German Companies Keep Buying?

We’ve seen a number of large German acquisitions announced this year such as Siemens’ $7.6 billion purchase of Dresser-Rand and Merck of Germany’s $17 billion acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich. Expect to see more of this trend from growth-starved, cash-rich German companies. By acquiring Dresser-Rand, Siemens can expand in the US and strengthen their presence in oil …

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Pharmaceuticals Refocus and Consolidate

Pharmaceutical companies are using acquisition to become “pointy,” or more focused. Two recent examples are Bayer and Merck.  Bayer is focusing on over the counter medications by acquiring Merck’s consumer care business for $14.2 billion. On the other hand, Merck has become more streamlined through divestment. As I’ve mentioned before, although divestment means becoming smaller, …

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