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Are You Ready to Do an Acquisition?

Buying another company is an excellent tactic for growing your company, but are you really ready to do a deal? About 77% of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) fail due to a variety of issues ranging from lack of strategic alignment to incomplete due diligence to culture clashes. A bad acquisition can leave a company worse …

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Why Disagreeing With Your M&A Team Is Good

You may be surprised I’m saying this, but vigorous arguments in your acquisition team can be a good thing. In fact, I would be alarmed if there was never any disagreement over a prospective purchase. Either someone is lying or afraid to speak up, unless your entire team is quite exceptionally in sync. Dissent can …

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How You Can Manage the M&A Process: Tools for Success

What tools do you use to help manage the M&A Process? I was recently asked this during our M&A Express videocast “Why You Need a Roadmap.” There are two key ways I would answer that question. First the macro view. Look at the big picture and develop — or adopt — an end-to-end process. This …

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