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5 Things Middle Market Leaders Should Know About Today’s Market

Last week the Wall Street Journal hosted the Middle Market Network to discuss issues relevant to middle market firms in the US. The good news is that middle market companies are getting healthier. With an increase in M&A activity and a boom in the construction industry, middle market businesses are growing and CEO confidence is …

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Walmart Acquires Jet.com: Integration Strategies for Buyers

Walmart will acquire web retailer Jet.com for $3.3 billion in order to boost its online business. The deal is the largest ever purchase of U.S. e-commerce startup. While Walmart has plenty of bricks and mortar stores, the company has struggled to grow its online business. Walmart knows it needs to be competitive with Amazon who …

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Finding the Best Acquisition Opportunities

“The best opportunities are the ones we’re pursuing and not the other way around.” This comment in The Wall Street Journal from Smadar Levi, CFO of MyHeritage.com, is one I wholeheartedly agree with. She is quoted in an article about the growing number of startups seeking to be acquired. With fewer financing options available to …

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